Malaysian Jewelled Centipede (Scelopendra subspinipes spp.)


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Description: These red/brown centipedes with yellow/orange legs are fascinating, fast, aggressive, and active pets that are not to be handled. They are some of the largest centipedes on the planet. They are best for advanced hobbyists. These arthropods have up to 15 pairs of legs and feed primarily on other living creatures like insects and spiders. These critters are extremely fast and can be aggressive.
Species: Scelopendra subspinipes spp.
Origin: Field Collected
Size:  Adults can reach 7-9 inches.
Natural Range: Native throughout most of the tropical and subtropical areas of eastern Asia. They are also plentiful around all land  They usually prefer moist habitats or areas around the Indian Ocean.
Food: Worms, vitamin dusted crickets, and Dubia roaches.
Lifespan: 10+ years

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