Baby Snow Red Eared Slider Turtle


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Baby Snow Red Eared Slider Turtle for sale  (Trachemys elegans)

We have beautiful Baby Snow Red-Eared Slider Turtle for sale at One Stop Reptile Shop!
The Remove term: Baby Snow Red Eared Slider Turtle is one of the most the most popular pet turtles here in America and one of the most popular on Earth! These Red-Eared Sliders will thrive in a tank collection or and outdoor pond setup!
Species: Trachemys scripta elegans

Origin: Captive Bred in the US
Size: Adults reach up to 6-11 inches
Natural Range: Southern United States and Northern Mexico
Food: Pellets, crickets, krill, and greens
Lifespan: Up to 25 years in captivity with proper care

All of our baby turtles are in great health and are eating good!  These will make a fabulous addition for anyone looking for a gorgeous pet turtle.  American Reptile Distributors has one of the best selections of Remove term: Red Eared Slider Turtle for sale.  All Red Eared Slider Turtle for sale and Tortoises under four inches are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only.

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