North American Wood Turtle Juvenile (Glyptemys insculpta)


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North American Wood Turtle Juvenile

We have extremely RARE North American Wood Turtle Juveniles for sale at One Stop Reptile Shop

Magnificent pet turtles that are easy to handle and become more colorful with age. These turtles are semi-aquatic. These turtles tend to have a distinct chiseled pattern on their shell that sets themselves apart from most other turtles.

Species: Glyptemys insculpta
Origin: Captive Bred
Size: Approximately  4 inches. Adults reaching up to 11 inches.
Natural Range: Northeast US
Food: Turtle pellets
Lifespan: Up to 50 years in captivity with proper care

All Turtles and Tortoises under four inches are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only.
Please know your state laws. If you purchase these from an illegal state we will not ship them to you.


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