Yellow Footed Tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulata)


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We have beautiful Yellow Footed Tortoises for sale at One Stop Reptile Shop!
These Yellow Footed Tortoises are very passive and an amazing tortoise for first timers! These boys and girls thrive in the tropical rainforests so they will need a setup with an abundant amount UVB rays. They reproduce year around and have between 4-8 eggs at a time
Species: Chelonoidis denticulata
Origin: Field Collected
Size: Approximately 8-13 inches. Adults reaching up to 16-24 inches
Natural Range: Tropical rainforests of South America
Food: Fresh greens
Lifespan: Up to 50+ years in captivity with proper care

All Turtles and Tortoises under four inches are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only.

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