Aubry’s Flap-shell Turtle Adult Female 1 (Cycloderma aubryi)


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Aubry’s Flap-shell Turtle Adult Female

We have beautiful Aubry Flap-shell Turtles for sale!

Exact animal pictured

Aubryi have the most unique look out of any aquatic turtles. They really look like there from outer space. These animals grow massive and live in large river systems.

These animals start off bright red in coloring and darken with maturity.

This is an adult female and is super long term captive. This animal has some scars from being collected and brought to a food market. This animal Is totally healed up and really doing well. This animal is past the fresh import stage and is about a 2 year long captive. There are some scars from teather holes aswell.

Eating frozen thawed fish with ease.
Species: Cycloderma aubryi
Size: This adult is roughly 15-16 inches
Natural Range: Congo
Food: Frozen thawed fish

All Turtles and Tortoises under four inches are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only.

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