Mexican Giant Musk (Hi White) (Staurotypus triporcatus)


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We have beautiful Mexican Giant Musk Turtle Sub adults for sale at One Stop Reptile Shop!
These are from our insane Hi white line. These do not last.
Very sociable turtle. They have black/gray bodies that are enamored with yellow spots. They have an insatiable appetite and would out eat almost any turtle known to mankind! They are also highly aquatic turtles that thrive in slow moving freshwater with soft-bottoms and an ample amount of flora.
Our line starts as dark babies but as they grow they get lighter and lighter in color until they turn a piercing white which we are known for!!!
Species: Staurotypus triporcatus
Origin: Captive Bred
Size: Approximately 2-4 inches. Adults reaching up to 15 inches.
Natural Range: Mexico
Food: Turtle pellets
Lifespan: Up to 25+ years in captivity with proper care
All of our baby turtles are in great health and are eating good!  These will make a fabulous addition for anyone looking for a gorgeous pet turtle.  American Reptile Distributors has one of the best selections of baby turtles for sale online.  All Turtles and Tortoises under four inches are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only.

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