Peachthroat Monitor (Varanus jobiensis)


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We have beautiful Peach Throated Monitor Lizards for sale at One Stop Reptile Shop!
These rare Peach Throated Monitors make for a terrific display animals and great pets for all skill levels. These monitors are extremely quick and nimble and are native to dense forests. They have a luxurious and glossy black base color that is engulfed in a storm of vibrant yellow spots. They are notoriously known for the cream peach neck coloring.
Species: Varanus jobiensis
Origin: Captive Hatched
Size: Approximately 16-24 inches.  Adults reaching up to 4-5 feet
Natural Range: Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands
Food: Vitamin dusted crickets
Lifespan: Up to 10-15+ years in captivity with proper care
Some Monitors and Tegus are beginner reptiles and some are recommended for advanced reptile hobbyists.  Please do your research or ask us before making a purchase.

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