Adult Mata Mata Female (Chelus fimbriata)


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We have beautiful Mata Mata Turtles for sale at One Stop Reptile Shop!
Exact Animal Pictured
Female 1
This is an adult female roughly 15 inches in length.
These are Guyana locale. They are wild caught but established. They have some healed scars on there bottoms which is very common and a result of them being transported in wooden crates. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy massive adults like this. Especially with them likely going Cites at the next meeting.
Species: Chelus fimbriatus
Origin: Feild Collected
Size: Female 19-20 inches; Male 18-19 inches
Natural Range:
Food: Live Fish, Frozen Shrimp
Lifespan: Up to 75 years in captivity with proper care
All Turtles and Tortoises under four inches are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only.

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